My name is Roslyn ‘Ros” Mickens.   I am a USCCA Certified Firearms Instructor who has over 12 years of experience in teaching in public and private schools.  I am, also, a  USCCA Certified RSO. I am patient and enjoy seeing my students progress and have fun while learning while practicing the 4 safety principles.

I teach FREE Toddlers classes to teach the little children how to avoid and report guns to parents. This class is for preschoolers and 1st grade students.

My company is Steel Petal Defense. My business is your security with the goal to make sure that you are safe, well-trained and confident in handling firearms.

I teach the following classes:

MD  HQL which is mandatory for all Maryland residents wishing to purchase a handgun.

Maryland-Arizona- Florida Concealed Carry Classes**

Personal Self Defense

Women’s Only Basic Handgun

Women’s Only Intermediate Handgun

Women’s Only Advanced Handgun

Women’s Only Self Defense

FREE Preschoolers Stay Safe /No Touch & Avoid

FREE Seniors Stay Safe

Children’s Firearm Safety

Mixed Basic Handgun

Mixed Intermediate Handgun 

Mixed Advanced Handgun

Home Defense & Conceal Carry (Advanced)

Private and Group HQL Classes are Available

Private and group  classes are available.

Contact us to book a class.


 Governor Hogan Directs Maryland State Police to Suspend ‘Good and Substantial Reason’ Standard for Wear & Carry Permits


Click the link above to read about how Governor Larry Hogan responded to June’s United States Supreme Court ruling which struck down a similar provision in New York.  The Governor moved swiftly in making Maryland a “shall issue” state for law abiding citizens to be able to protect themselves against criminals.

Situational Awareness

Our successful Situational Awareness class taught our student how to avoid potentially dangerous situations in their daily lives.  We featured drills, videos and a Q&A session. Students left the class feeling empowered with the knowledge.


Preschoolers Stay Safe Class

Donations can be made to our cause to keep the babies safe!

This FREE class will have NO LIVE FIREARMS IN THE CLASS, and is designed to teach Pre K and First Grade students how to avoid  guns and to tell a parent or guardian where they saw the firearm.

This is a fun class where parents and children will interact with the instructor so the children while having fun.

‘This is a community service project to help kids stay safe.


Stay tuned as we post upcoming classes for children from Pre K- 3rd Grade for this class.

Women’s Only Classes

The Women’s Only Classes will be taught only by Women for Women. Group rates are available for large groups with over 15 students. The classes range from Women’s Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Handgun lessons and drills.

July HQL Class

June HQL Class

May Day - HQL

Maryland HQL August 2021

Maryland HQL -June 2021

Being more than a firearms instructor, I am your mentor in your journey. We will explore your specific need for a firearm and the best choices for you. Finding out how to make you more comfortable in handling firearms for self defense and/or sport is something we will explore. -

Ros Mickens 




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Women’s Only Basic Handgun - 1st Time Shooter Ready to Return to the Range

Product Price
MARYLAND HQL Mandatory for Maryland Residents Ask for Rates
D.C. HQL Free Online
Virginia HQL NONE Non-Existent in Virginia/ Not Required


Maryland HQL Feb, March, May 2021

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*** NO REFUNDS for Classes Canceled 48 Hours Prior to Class. CREDIT ONLY for future classes with the written approval by Steel Petal Defense instructor.


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